Language Learning Accelerator + Language Motivation Mastery Bundle

Overcome the Obstacles Holding You Back from Becoming Fluent in Your Dream Language

What is Language Learning Accelerator?

You just don't have the time you'd like to learn a language.

There's school or work, your family, and other various activities you need to juggle on a daily basis. And as much as you'd like to finally learn a language, you're just too tired or too busy.

You feel like you'll never be able to fit language learning into your schedule.

But here's the thing...

You CAN find the time learn a new language.

Not convinced?

Well, it's true...

And I know that for a fact because I myself have done it.

Over the last few years, I learnt several languages while working a full time job, performing as a professional musician, running my blog, Eurolinguiste, and maintaining my social/family life.

It took me some time to figure out how I'd fit learning into my schedule, but after some experimenting I found several strategies that worked for me.

And now I'd like to share them with you to help you save time (this is a time management course after all).

What is Language Motivation Mastery?

Language Motivation Mastery is an interactive, comprehensive course that enables you to create and maintain language learning routines like top language learners and polyglots.

You'll avoid the beginner traps, and discover how to take full control of your productivity so that you can achieve your dreams of learning one or more new languages.

Who's it for?

LMM is perfect for everyone who wants to learn a language, but are struggling to stay consistent. Throughout the course we'll get rid of bad habits, and build new and productive ones so you never need to worry again.

The course is also very useful if you're struggling to put time into your language learning, or are suffering from a productivity breakdown where you just can't seem to get anything done.

What you get

  • Comprehensive 6-week course
  • Interactive, printable workbook
  • Community access
  • Bonuses for completing the entire course!
    • Motivation First Kit: 6 bite-sized 'band-aids' to quickly fix problematic mindsets you might experience along the way.
    • Depression learning: How to learn languages whilst suffering from depression (and similar ailments)
  • Unlimited email access

For Language Motivation Mastery:

"...As I'm progressing through the course, I realize the main topic of is not just motivation, it's really a how to succeed in learning a language course."

- Peter Carroll, Founder, RhinoSpike

For Language Learning Accelerator:

"I'm not new to time management strategies, but ironically, knowing more about the subject let me do less - as I was constantly obsessing over improving my productivity. My language study slowed down lately, and I didn't want that. I've been following Shannon for a while and it always amazed me how many things she could get done at once - it seemed magic from the outside. So I knew she was a trustworthy person when it came to managing language study time. I loved her course because instead of just dumping a lot of time management lingo on me she actually gave me the steps to set up my own schedule and helped stick to it. My Chinese study is back on track to fluency!"

- Bálint Kőrösi, Founder, Otevotnyelv

For Language Motivation Mastery:

"...He walks you through setting goals, setting up systems and routines for success, but most importantly, teaches you how to deal with the obstacles that may stand in your way of successful language learning – plateaus, stagnation, low motivation and even depression."

- Shannon Kennedy, Founder, Eurolinguiste

For Language Motivation Mastery:

"...I especially liked the modules on "goals setting" and "dealing with stagnation", because it's something I really struggle with. I also appreciated the comment section at the end of each module, so we can share with others, and read their comments and experiences."

- Dorothée Schmitt, Early Adopter of LMM

Get started now!

Main Course Modules for Language Learning Accelerator

Here's what you can expect when you enroll in Language Learning Accelerator:

  • An introduction to the course
  • How to use the course
  • How long does it take to learn a language?
  • Why goal setting is important to good time management
  • Why are you learning a language?
  • Which language should you learn?
  • Why goal setting isn't enough
  • When enough is enough
  • What the four core language learning skills are and how you should divide your time between them
  • How to discover what kind of learner you are - it might not be what you think!
  • Whether you should use language guides or courses
  • When to review and when to work on new material
  • The Immersion Myth
  • Why less is more in language learning
  • How to get rid of distractions so you can focus on your language studies
  • Why your physical study space matters when you're trying to be productive and how to build the right kind of study environment
  • Why busy does not mean you're using your time wisely
  • How to evaluate your daily routine to find time for language study
  • What procrastination actually looks like and how to kick the habit
  • The basics of time management and how to apply them to language learning
  • Why preparation is key
  • Effective learning isn't hurried learning and how you'll save time by taking it slow and steady
  • How to avoid burnout as a language learner
  • The importance or re-evaluating your learning strategies
  • How to prioritize
  • Several of the most powerful time management strategies and how to implement them
  • The one time management tactic that matters most and why not doing it makes every other strategy irrelevant
  • How to use what you know outside of language learning to become a better learner
  • Techniques for learning a language faster
  • How to make language learning a part of your daily routine without sacrificing the other things you're doing
  • The best way to learn a ton of vocabulary
  • My method for learning a language from the very beginning
  • Language learning activities you can do based on the amount of time they take
  • The tech and tools you can use to organize your language learning
  • How to learn multiple languages
  • Actionable worksheets for every module
  • Webinars with language learning expert

Main Course Modules for Language Motivation Mastery

  • How to set healthy expectations to ensure long-term success
  • How badly aligned expectations can make it impossible for you to succeed
  • How to avoid burnout from day 1

  • Why Set Goals?
  • The two Fundamental Types of Goals
  • How to Track and Review Your Goals for Maximum Efficiency
  • +Much More

  • Why Accountability Matters
  • How to Find and Develop more Accountability
  • How to use Accountability with LMM
  • +Much More

  • Introduction of Common Plateaus and When They Happen
  • Why do we Plateau? Is it Even Real?
  • How to Overcome Plateaus and Stagnated Periods Easily
  • +Much More

  1. How to Manage Your Time Learning Languages
  2. How to Cure and Avoid Procrastination Forever
  3. Quick Pep Talk!
  4. +Much More

  • Recapping The Course so Far
  • How to Apply What You've Learnt
  • How to Make Firm Language Learning Habits
  • +Much More

Bonuses for Language Motivation Mastery:

These bonuses are available as soon as you finish the main curriculum.

Course Launch Bonuses Language Learning Accelerator:

As a special thank you for purchasing this course during the launch, here are the bonuses that you will receive:

Course Webinar Videos

As a part of the launch, I'm hosting a series of webinars with experts in the language learning community. You'll have lifetime access to the replays of these webinars when you purchase the course as a part of the launch.

Access to the Community Group

Get access information to the course's exclusive membership community where you can post questions, keep accountable and offer your experience to other members.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?
You'll have instant access to the introductory module as well as module 1 right away. After that each new module will be added to your curriculum every week.
How long do I have access to the program?
You will have lifetime access to everything, including future updates and community sections.
Is this program only for language learners?
Yes and no. While the examples and stories are centered around language learners, the comprehensive knowledge and experience you build up over the program can be applied to any area of your life, whether that's learning how to play the piano or lose weight.
What if I am unhappy with the program?
No worries. If you for any reason are unhappy with the program, I'll refund your money within the first 30 days.